Installation Excellence

Installation Excellence

Spencer + Company wholly owns and manages its installation operation – Metroplex Facility Services (MFS). MFS provides a wide range of technical and logistical services including the management of complex office furniture moves, deliveries and installation processes. MFS operates out of a 65,000-square foot warehouse, and is set up to receive and store, new and used products for any length of time. MFS maintains a fleet of five bobtail trucks and a staff of 50+ people including project managers, installers and customer service providers that are frequently recognized as the best in the business.

Our error and omissions ratio is one of the lowest in the industry hovering around 10x lower than the average dealership.

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Our installation process is executed in four phases.

Phase 1 | Pre-Order

  • Confirm Building Conditions (Docks, Elevators, Required Protection, et. al.)
  • Contact Facilities Management RE: Building Access Hours, Security Concerns, Badging Requirements Address Safety Requirements and Training
  • Confirm Permit Requirements
  • Review Electrical with GC – make sure he has current copy of furniture plans showing infeed locations for power and data Field Measure to Guarantee Critical Hold Dimensions
  • Review GC Schedule for Start, Duration, Benchmark, Inspection and Completion Dates (also confirm correct sequencing with other trades)
  • Develop Timeline

Phase 2 | Pre-Installation

  • Work with Manufacturers to Schedule Trucks and Product Delivery Schedules
  • Provide all COI and Permit Requirements Provide Security Safety Requirements
  • Monitor Job Site readiness by Attending Construction and/or OAC Meetings
  • Validate Hold-to Dimensions, Critical Dimensions, Power/Data locations at Rough-in Stage
  • Confirm Truck Schedules with Project Team
  • Coordinate Low Voltage and Electrical Contractors
  • Receive Product and Verify Accuracy; Check for Damages/Shortages (Any product not shipping direct to site)
  • Review Detailed Installation Documents with PMC Lead Supervisor

Phase 3 | Installation

  • Building walk through to note existing conditions/damages
  • Install Building Protection at existing site
  • Mark Floor for Workstation Spine Locations
  • Pre-Install Ceiling Track for Large Wall Jobs Receive Direct Ship Product on Site – Note any Quantity/Condition Discrepancy on Packing Slips Monitor Installation Progress – Regular Site Visits and Reports Provided by Supervisor
  • Provide Regular Updates to Project Team
  • Provide any Scope of Work Change Orders due to Site Conditions or Client Request
  • Coordinate Trash Removal / Dumpster Exchange and Usage
  • Communicate Punch List Issues in Timely Fashion
  • Pre-Punch with Supervisor
  • Document Outstanding Items

Phase 4 | Post-Installation

  • Work with manufacturers to Resolve Punch List Items
  • Sign-off Walk Through with Client/Project Team
  • Update Regularly on Punch List Status
  • Coordinate any Touch-up Work Needed
  • Schedule Punch Product Installation