The Delta Companies

The Delta Companies

The Delta Companies is an award-winning enterprise in healthcare staffing. Creating access for people through performance and humanity. By implementing the most innovative and effective strategies possible, their members provide successful fulfillment to clients and great fitting opportunities to candidates. Forbes named The Delta Companies one of America’s best professional recruiting firms in April 2018.




Dallas, Texas


Product selection, project management, and installation


The Challenge

The challenge was to provide Delta employees with a functional and private workspace where employees can do their focus work without resorting to just another run of the mill cube-farm. We needed to give their employees a private workspace for them to focus, while having ample space to collaborate in a comfortable, fun environment. They were also focused on providing ergonomic solutions to improve employee health and wellness, such as height adjustable desks and more functional seating.  In an effort to attract and retain top talent, Delta envisioned created a fun, colorful and collaborative environment. 

The Solution

We were able to provide at least 2 dozen breakout areas for collaboration, low panels to let in the natural light and improve mental wellbeing, while still giving employees a private workspace. Every workstation and office have height adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs to improve health and wellness.

The Outcome

Spencer + Company and Haworth were able to provide an open concept, collaborative, and FUN atmosphere that The Delta Companies desired. We managed the delivery, received all product on-site, and managed the installation.  Further, we are providing ongoing maintenance, as well as coordinating add-on orders. This project was recently successfully completed in July 2018.