TAISTech is a global digital services firm that provides the strategic, creative, and technical expertise to deliver exceptional omnichannel customer experiences. Spencer + Company delivered a furniture solution for their 7,300 square foot space that followed the Vastu Shastra Guidelines for office interiors.




Addison, Texas


Space planning, Product selection, project management, installation


The Challenge

TAISTech moved to Addison when they outgrew their current space. They wanted to use this opportunity to update the look of their space to match their brand and help grow their company culture. The layout of the space was dictated by and followed standards of Vastu Shastra, which stipulated things such as desks having to face a certain direction or placement of various roles in a specific part of the building. They desired lower cubicle walls and more collaboration spaces. They also wanted their employees to love where they work and be able to have fun. Finally, they asked that the space to be adaptable to future growth and that they would be able to move the furniture with them if they ever moved again.

The Solution

Spencer + Company’s team of furniture experts successfully completed this project including workstations, private offices, walls, and ancillary furniture. We provided space design and layout, renderings, product selections, project management, and installation services. We selected Enclose Walls to accommodate their desire of adaptability. The TAIS Tech space features a game room to allow employees an area to have fun and take a break from work. The incorporation of fun blue and green colors throughout the space also helps improve employee’s mood and mental wellbeing. We adhered to the Vastu Shastra requirements and arranged desks appropriately according to the role of who would be sitting there.

The Outcome

Spencer + Company delivered a flexible, adaptable, and fun environment to TAIS Tech. The Enclose Glass demountable wall solutions, part of Haworth’s Integrated Palette, are adaptable, sustainable, and designed to integrate with other Haworth products. TAIS Tech can now take advantage of limitless spatial design opportunities, as well as future adaptability through moves and changes.