Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty

Denton-based Sally Beauty Holdings is a retailer and wholesaler of hair and beauty care products. This 170,000 square foot space houses their IT, Marketing, R&D, and Testing departments.




Dallas, Texas


Product selection, project management, and installation


The Challenge

This was a timeline-driven project where our primary goal was to re-stack as many people as possible within their limited real estate. The most efficient way of doing this was to take their tall-panel workstations and transition the majority of the second floor to a benching solution, to house the call center employees from Morse St. This meant, however, that speech privacy would be compromised, and we needed to develop a solution for this as well.

The Solution

The full scope of work included: 4 floors, workstations, moved private offices, sound masking system, re-manufacturing of old workstations, new task chairs (Allseating). We provided project management the entire project, beyond our usual scope of work. We ran the show with immense help from Frank, the on-site PM. Reporting to the VP of real estate, Spencer + Company managed logistical coordination, acting as the owner’s rep. Our design team developed a solution to maximize their limited real estate while keeping all employees comfortable.

“You all have done a fantastic job at executing in the clutch. More work ahead, but the big push is behind us.” – Mike Smith, Sally Beauty

The Outcome

Spencer + Company was able to fit an additional 220 people into the same floorplate by transitioning from tall panel-based stations to benching, as well as reconfiguring existing 8’x8’ stations to smaller footprints. This included 234 Intuity stations; 120 “new” refurb stations; and 151 reconfigured stations. The addition of sound masking on the second floor allowed employees to have ample speech privacy to help ease the transition. By changing to Intuity benching, it positively changed the whole dynamic of that floor. This along with the removal of private offices allowed for so much more natural light, resulting in increased happiness and productivity.