Eagle Materials

Eagle Materials

Eagle Materials is a leading US manufacturer of basic construction materials (concrete, drywall, etc.) that are used in residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and energy applications. Spencer + Company furnished their 42,000 square foot Dallas location which holds over 100 employees across 2 floors. This project earned the architect, Benson Hlavaty, the 2019 CoreNet Award for Workplace Strategy under 50,000 square feet.




Dallas, Texas


Product Selection, Project Management Installation


The Challenge

Eagle Materials wanted to create an environment that allowed their people to have fun and do their best work. To accomplish this, they desired more social and collaborative spaces, while still giving each employee a workstation that allowed them to focus.

The Solution

We provided furniture for dozens of social spaces where employees could sit and eat lunch, have a casual conversation, play a game of shuffleboard or Pacman, or sit as a group to brainstorm a new idea. Both floors were designed with strategically placed walls and offices to break up workstation neighborhoods and provide an extra level of privacy between clusters. The space features 93 workstations, 28 private offices, 5 executive offices, 6 conference rooms, and 20+ privacy/collaboration spaces.

The Outcome

Spencer + Company delivered a fun, colorful, and sophisticated environment that fully responded to Eagle Materials’ needs. Haworth’s Open Nest, comfortable Chick Poufs, and Collaborate tables allow employees the freedom of where and how they work within the space. The areas with Haworth Enclose walls used for private offices and private phone rooms are available to give employees privacy whenever they need. Colorful patterns and wall graphics give an exciting vibe to your average meeting that helps promote creativity and innovation.

“We could not be more pleased with our decision to engage Spencer + Company (the “A Team”) to help design, supply and install the furniture and partitions in our new office space. The Spencer Team (Candace, Lauren, Mark, and Jeff) exceeded our expectations in every way in helping advance our goal of creating a working environment where people could do their best work and enjoy doing it. The Spencer Team’s knowledge of design, attention to detail, responsiveness, quality products provided and first-class installation (always doing the right thing) was all top notch and working with [them] was truly an enjoyable experience. We would be delighted to recommend the team.”