Amerisource Bergen Specialty Group

Amerisource Bergen Specialty Group

Amerisource Bergen Specialty Group (Amerisource Bergen) is a healthcare company focused on driving product growth in the specialty pharmaceutical market. Spencer + Company has partnered with Amerisource Bergen for 11 years, providing $13,246,585 in total services, including flooring, electrical, walls, systems, seating, ergonomic tooling, tables and conferences and wood furniture, for 280,000 in total square footage. With each new project, Amerisource Bergen has asked us to deliver time and cost savings through flexible workplace solutions, while providing employees with a comfortable, high-performance working environment—and we are happy to rise to the challenge.




Frisco, Texas


Office Design, Office Space Planning, Product Selection, Demountable Walls


The Challenge

Amerisource Bergen recognized great value in the ability to expand, consolidate, and potentially exit a space at the lowest possible level of investment. When they built their 447,000 square-foot headquarters in Frisco, Texas, they wanted a flexible, cost-effective workplace solutions that would require minimal downtime during setup, and allow the space to be marketable for years to come. As a leading pharmaceutical services company, they also wanted a well-designed workspace to enhance employee wellbeing and project a professional image to clients.

“I believe that all of the top manufacturers are going to have to follow what they’ve done here as the standard for the future. Haworth and Spencer came in on time and within budget on a very fast track project. They provided us with a new solution and flexibility that lived up to everything they claimed.”

– Harry Myers, Vice President of Operations, ABSG

The Solution

As a preferred Haworth partner, Spencer + Company and Haworth provided an innovative Adaptable Workspace™ solution (AWS) that maximized flexibility, and saved time and money. Upfront costs were less than conventional construction, and the timeline was reduced by six weeks. Even when Amerisource Bergen added nine private offices and redesigned 50{6520274e1b927df854835606f4484cd1aff164e36b017480c6e9fccd46f46902} of the floor space halfway through the job, the Adaptable Workspace™ solution AWS was flexible enough to meet the original timeline—without additional labor costs. Conventional construction would have delayed the project several months, requiring demolition, rewiring, and re-carpeting that would have cost thousands of dollars.

The Outcome

Spencer + Company delivered a flexible, yet sophisticated workplace solutions environment that easily adapts and responds to Amerisource Bergen’s evolving needs. The Enclose and Enclose Frameless Glass demountable wall solutions, part of Haworth’s Integrated Palette, are adaptable, sustainable, and designed to integrate with other Haworth products. Amerisource Bergen can now take advantage of limitless spatial office interior design opportunities, as well as future adaptability. The average cost to remove and add a private office with conventional construction is over $18,000, while the LifeSPACE workplace solution cost less than $2,000. Amerisource Bergen was so pleased with the outcome and savings, they decided to use the Adaptable Workspace™ solution AWS on their next 80,000-square-foot project.