Our Design Perspective

Workplaces that Transform

At Spencer + Company, we believe a well-designed workplace not only shapes, but also enhances the dynamic of a company, and that communication, productivity and value increase when employees feel supported and inspired by their space. Our singular purpose is to elevate human potential by creating workplaces that improve employee engagement, collaboration and innovation — generating prosperity for our clients and contributing directly to their long-term success.

In partnership with our clients, we collaborate and continuously iterate to gain an in-depth understanding of their unique culture, workplace needs and future vision. Our listen-first approach helps us clearly define goals — be it talent attraction, employee satisfaction, well-being and retention, or growth — and develop office space planning and workplace solutions that balance our clients’ objectives with the well-being of their employees.

We apply a holistic design perspective complimented by contemporary design methods and principles of Industrial-organizational psychology. We create inspiring work environments and believe that enhancing the interior environment dramatically improves employee happiness and productivity. We remain at the forefront of industry trends and develop workplaces that maximize the amount of natural light and that are defined through our mastery of colors and textures. And we work to incorporate a client’s personal aesthetic and to develop custom-tailored palettes and finishing packages that are both functional and timeless.