Our Community

Cultivating Opportunity

Bonton is a South Dallas community where 85{6520274e1b927df854835606f4484cd1aff164e36b017480c6e9fccd46f46902} of men have been to prison, poverty is rampant and jobs are scarce.  Bonton is also a ‘Food Desert’ where access to healthy food is non-existent. Through its farming of fresh, healthy foods, Bonton Farms is cultivating a healthy community, creating jobs and igniting hope for the future. Similar to our friends at Bonton Farms, Spencer + Company believes that inspiring people and creating opportunities for the human engagement can transform lives and elevate human potential.

Committing to our Community

For more than 40 years, Spencer + Company has partnered with industry professionals to help realize their clients’ workplace design and furniture needs. We are dedicated to elevating human potential through the creation of inspired workplaces that improve employee engagement, collaboration, and innovation. However, we are also committed to the health and vitality of our community and partner with local organizations who also elevate human potential, such as Bonton Farms. Our missions truly align, and rather than simply donating to the cause, we have chosen to “adopt” and invest our time, money, and resources in Bonton Farms. In addition to volunteering on the farm, Spencer + Company will be furnishing their soon-to-be-open market, as well as developing a furniture solution for their future planned school.

The Bonton Harvest 5k Fun Run

Spencer + Company is proud to establish the Bonton Harvest 5k Fun Run.  It was chosen as our annual event due to the staggering statistics of the Bonton residents living in a “food desert” and having no option but to eat over-priced, processed foods rather than a healthy balanced meal. The 5k is a chance for Bonton residents to embrace health and wellness, encourage kids to participate in the 1-mile fun run, and learn about healthier, farm-fresh meal options in their own neighborhood.

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