About Us

We are Spencer + Company

We’re a team of passionate collaborators, experienced, knowledgeable and deeply committed to delivering innovative, turn-key open office design and workspace furniture solutions that meet the demands of a diverse and ever-changing workforce. We strive to elevate human potential by creating workplaces that improve employee engagement, workspace collaboration and open office innovation — generating prosperity for our clients and contributing directly to their long-term success.

For more than 40 years, Spencer + Company has built meaningful relationships with businesses and institutions in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex based on a shared appreciation for their goals and objectives. Employing contemporary open office interior design methodologies and new technologies, we help clients realize these goals through the creation of versatile and efficient workplaces. We leverage experience and insight to help our clients look beyond today and design workplaces that can adapt and grow as priorities change; ensuring our workplace solutions are both functional and future-focused.

A Trusted Haworth Partner

Spencer + Company has been a Haworth Preferred Dealer for over 30 years. As a global manufacturing and logistics leader, Haworth believes that inspiring and collaborative workspaces can enrich lives and businesses around the world. Through relentless research and ideation, innovative design and engineering, Haworth is a vanguard in the development and production of commercial office furniture and Organic Workspaces® – including raised access flooring, sit to stand desks, seating, storage, wood casegoods and technology solutions. Haworth is also a leader in sustainable workplace solutions, meaning the products we place in your setting can lead to savings through reuse, recycling, and reduced energy consumption.

Haworth strives to provide each of their customers with tailored workplace solutions that enhance their business, stir the spirit and sustain the planet. Because we support this mission and work every year to provide an exceptional experience for our customers, Spencer + Company has been awarded Best In Class distinction by Haworth for four consecutive years.

Our Purpose

At Spencer + Company, our singular purpose is to elevate human potential through the creation of workplaces that improve employee engagement, wellness, collaboration and innovation — generating prosperity for our clients and contributing directly to their long-term success.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a well-considered workplace has the ability to dramatically affect the dynamic of a company, and that communication, productivity and value increase when employees feel supported and inspired by their workplace.

We believe that proactive collaboration and an in-depth understanding of our client’s culture, needs and future vision helps us create workplace solutions that grow and adapt as priorities change.

We believe that balancing our client’s objectives with the well-being of their employees generates prosperity in the workplace and directly contributes to their long-term success.

Collaborative, Inspired and Engaged

Our culture is built around a shared purpose of caring for our clients, each other and all members of our collective ecosystem. Our values define our people and our people personify our culture. We are passionately devoted to our craft, and continuously strive to advance our proficiencies. Our passion is driven by our purpose; to innovate and elevate human potential through inspired, collaborative workplaces. We are impacting our communities one workplace at a time.

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